Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Mum on the Run - Hush Clothing. Now the weather is warmer this is what I AM wearing!

Today I thought that I'd tell you about Hush, which is a another favourite brand of mine. I have a pair of their Fold Over trousers and as you might imagine from the name, the waist band is huge - going beyond the status of belly warmer, almost to boob warmer, but you can fold it over to exactly where is comfortable, which as we know, can change from day to day. Given a choice I would probably live in them all day long, surrounded by fashion mags and Toblerone.
For those not familiar with Hush, it's great for relaxed jersey separates including t's and over sized sweatshirts, scooped back tops, tube skirts, vests, knits and great heeled Chelsea boots. Hush offers the backbone to a dress-down wardrobe - not to mention fantastic nightwear too.
It's really nice to be asked to work with a brand - although I'm always slightly scared in case I don't manage to do the pieces justice and I do more harm than good.  It is great for clothes to be seen on real life women as opposed to models but there again models are models for a reason - not that models aren't real women too but you know what I mean. I suppose that was the good thing about the snow lasting as long as it did - by the time we finally got the ball rolling, at least my mono brow had been turned back into two eyebrows.
For this post I was asked to choose from a selection of pieces and I chose to wear the zip cuff trousers (£55) and the  Sandra top (£80) on the basis that a) I didn't fancy getting my legs out just yet, which ruled out (lovely as they are) shorts, or a skirt, or a dress and b) I could see how these pieces would be a great summer version of my winter uniform of skinny jeans and a chunky knit.

 I really liked the colour of these whale zip cuff trousers - plus the fact that they have a cuff, and a zip - as the name describes. Some of the reviews said that they came up a little short but I like the length of them, together with the fact that the zip can be undone.

The Sandra jumper is  pretty too. It's scoopy and slouchy with loose and tight knit panels, the contrast between which works really well. When Flo and I decided to go for a walk on Saturday, I just changed the Mango heels for the fuschia Nike trainers and accessorised with her RE book!

For a trip out later on in the afternoon I thought that I would probably need a jumper and coat so swapped the Sandra knit for a striped jumper and added my Oasis leather jacket for warmth - predictably.

There's currently an offer of with Hush, who are doing £10 off 10 pieces and there's also free delivery on all orders over £75. There will be £10 off a further 10 products on Thursday and another 10 over the weekend. The Sandra top currently has £10 off until mid-night tonight. I don't know about you but I think that tonight could be the perfect night for a little peruse of the Hush website.

I should add that because I liked the pieces so much, I emailed Hush to ask whether I could buy them from them. Whilst there's no denying that it's nice to be gifted things, I never expect anyone to give me anything for free. However, Hush have kindly gifted the pieces to me but that's not why I'm writing nice things about them - I'm writing nice things because I wore them all day Saturday and made them stinky so couldn't return them. No, not really - I just really liked them and hope that you do too.