Sunday, 21 April 2013

Mum on the Run - A smart outfit dressed down for the weekend, an outfit with a Boden coat and how a sausage came to ruin my trousers!

So, how is everyone? I really hope that you have all had a little bit of sunshine and that it has lifted everyone's spirits. At last it feels as though spring may be here. Hopefully one or two of you will have bought yourselves a lovely Zatchels bag with 50% off. Knowing that there is something to look forward later on in the week is always such a pleasant prospect.
I have been on two long walks with the eldest this weekend - "revision walks" - although they just turned into general chatting walks really. It was so nice to go out minus a coat. This weekend has also seen me taking the youngest out on her bike alot. She keeps telling me that she's nearly there and all that she needs to get a hang of are the balance and the steering. Righty ho then.
Thank you to everyone for your support for the charity Ladies Fighting Breast Cancer and the event on Thursday night. I look forward to seeing lots of you there.
With time so short (for everyone, not just me) taking snaps of what I am wearing is the best way to get material for the blog but hopefully I will have the time to bring you some other things soon.
This is what I wore when working with a client on Friday. Luckily a new Boden shirt arrived on Thursday, which sat well under a grey Whistles knit, bought with a 25% off Grazia offer a few weeks ago now.
The trousers are from Jigsaw - a sale purchase from the end of last summer and the blazer is a Gap one. The heels are from Rockport. I like the idea of something which looks like a suit but which isn't a suit. I don't know why - I guess it's a little bit less corporate but of course it's totally psychological, as most of these things are.

After getting home, off came all the things that were smart about the outfit and they were replaced with sequinned flats and jeans, for a "double sequins" look (in case you can't tell, there are sequins on the jumper).

This was Thursday's outfit when working with another lady, who had the most incredible wardrobe of clothes I have ever seen - and I have seen lots. Wow, just stunning (her wardrobe, not me). No, I was in a drop waist teal Whistles dress, a Hobbs necklace and an 11 year old Boden coat!

This was today's uber casual outfit for our early morning walk/bike ride/hanging out the washing and anything else that came my way. When posting about these trousers previously, I recall that some didn't like them. Well, you'll be pleased to know that on their first wearing they copped it and the culprit? A sausage!
Given that the sun was out, Mr SG decided that a BBQ was in order and as I was cutting a sausage in half for the intrepid bike rider, it squirted fat all down my trousers. Oh flippety flip flip. Funny how all of the children know about the "Vanish" adverts isn't it? Great marketing!

And of course I had to include a shot or two of One Direction. Despite my tweets taking the mick out of myself and them, they were very good and the our eldest and her friends had a blast which is what, after all, it was all about. I think that I have just about remembered their names....