Thursday, 4 April 2013

Mum on the Run - If the weather was warmer part 2!

Being such a total wimp, I've realised that the cold weather really doesn't have much of an impact on me at all. The reason for this is that unless it's 20 degrees outside, I still wear four layers of clothing so whether it's 4 degrees, 8 degrees, or 12 degrees, I'm still frozen.... I wonder, do you think that a bit of reverse psychology works as well on the weather as it does on (young) children? No, I suspect not either.
However, if the weather was a little (or a lot) warmer, I would be tempted to wear this outfit, which again I photographed having failed to negotiate the youngest away from her Barbie film. Well, if you've bothered to do your hair and make-up you've got to take advantage of it before it all goes flat/slides down your face.
The trousers are the Next ones I have written/tweeted about before. They are £18 and described as Harem Pants but I can assure you, there's not a drop crotch in sight. There may be a bit of bottom drooping but that's an entirely different matter and I can categorically assure you everything is where it should be in the crotch department.
The trousers are quite a lightweight fabric so it would need to be warmer to wear them.  Here I am wearing the navy ones but they also come in grey and black. At £18 I think that they are a great price for anyone tempted to venture into the non-harem, harem style of trouser.

This is a great jacket from Mango. It has a really good weight to it, so in theory it could be worn anytime soon. There are a whole host of jackets around in this tapestry/aztec print and also in this style. Zara had a good selection last year and for me they are a great way of tarting up (excuse the expression) one's jeans a little, or putting over a simple dress to take it up a notch. Jackets like this are multi-functional, sometimes a life saver and a kind of "one size fits all" piece to have in your wardrobe.

The trouble is that the image of this Topshop boucle coat (£79) which I wrote about several months ago now just won't leave me and I feel that I really need to bottom it out before too long. I know some of you will shout "yuck, granny coat" or think that it looks like something that the Queen would wear but I love the colours and the fact that the yellow on it looks as though it's there because a kiddie has gone up to it and crayoned on it. Why that should appeal I have no idea but there we are.

Once again, for the sake of research, I am prepared to go and try it and report back. My generosity knows no bounds!!!