Thursday, 4 April 2013

Mum on the Run - If the weather was warmer part 2!

Being such a total wimp, I've realised that the cold weather really doesn't have much of an impact on me at all. The reason for this is that unless it's 20 degrees outside, I still wear four layers of clothing so whether it's 4 degrees, 8 degrees, or 12 degrees, I'm still frozen.... I wonder, do you think that a bit of reverse psychology works as well on the weather as it does on (young) children? No, I suspect not either.
However, if the weather was a little (or a lot) warmer, I would be tempted to wear this outfit, which again I photographed having failed to negotiate the youngest away from her Barbie film. Well, if you've bothered to do your hair and make-up you've got to take advantage of it before it all goes flat/slides down your face.
The trousers are the Next ones I have written/tweeted about before. They are £18 and described as Harem Pants but I can assure you, there's not a drop crotch in sight. There may be a bit of bottom drooping but that's an entirely different matter and I can categorically assure you everything is where it should be in the crotch department.
The trousers are quite a lightweight fabric so it would need to be warmer to wear them.  Here I am wearing the navy ones but they also come in grey and black. At £18 I think that they are a great price for anyone tempted to venture into the non-harem, harem style of trouser.

This is a great jacket from Mango. It has a really good weight to it, so in theory it could be worn anytime soon. There are a whole host of jackets around in this tapestry/aztec print and also in this style. Zara had a good selection last year and for me they are a great way of tarting up (excuse the expression) one's jeans a little, or putting over a simple dress to take it up a notch. Jackets like this are multi-functional, sometimes a life saver and a kind of "one size fits all" piece to have in your wardrobe.

The trouble is that the image of this Topshop boucle coat (£79) which I wrote about several months ago now just won't leave me and I feel that I really need to bottom it out before too long. I know some of you will shout "yuck, granny coat" or think that it looks like something that the Queen would wear but I love the colours and the fact that the yellow on it looks as though it's there because a kiddie has gone up to it and crayoned on it. Why that should appeal I have no idea but there we are.

Once again, for the sake of research, I am prepared to go and try it and report back. My generosity knows no bounds!!!


  1. Hi Beth - Love the Mango jacket! A great outfit on you, tho the pants may not be for me.. Claire OR

  2. I have been waiting to see how you would style these as I tried them on and wasn't sure. They look great on you and I think I'll have to get a pair now. Thanks Beth.

  3. I adore that Topshop coat - go try it and let us know. Really liking the Next trousers. I remember you mentioning them before but forgot to check them out. Am making a note to do so now - a nice alternative to skinnies. Cute jacket! In fact, I really like the outfit. Helen

  4. Have bought that top shop coat-and it is lovely but not had the chance to wear it yet! Go for it :) S xx

  5. Love it all! You look great Beth.

  6. This is such a gorgeous look Beth, I think I may sneak those trousers into my next basket that's open in my other tab!!

  7. Would the mango jacket look nice with a pair of old looking worn jeans? As for the harem pants......don't like them ha ha. Look like joggers or pjamas to me. Sorry....

  8. frankietwospots5 April 2013 at 21:39

    Love the jacket and trouser combo! I tried the trousers on in Next and needed to size down, one size if not two! The waist is very generous I found. Also, with the plain colours, I seemed to get an unfortunate case of camel toe (sooo not a good look) so I tried the tie dye print instead which seemed to divert the eye!

  9. Sorry for the generic reply to so many lovely generous comments. For those who have tried the Next trousers I hope that they have worked - as for the camel toe I am really pleased that the tie dye ones solved that unfortunate problem! Sorry that you don't like them Sian - I get where you are coming from with them but like the wedge trainers, they have grown on me and I can now see their appeal. The Mango jacket would look great with worn jeans - but I think that they would need to be skinnies and thanks, I think it's a bit of a find. I tried the Topshop coat today and liked it but it was damaged beyond repair so need to order one on-line - it is a bit special though! Thanks to everyone for commenting and sorry for the lack of individual replies. x


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