Sunday, 7 April 2013

Mum on the Run - Seeing spots thanks to Boden, plus a little bit of Cos, Gap, Oasis and Warehouse for good measure

Right now I'm really hoping that Mary Berry's recipe for Chocolate Fudge Hot Pot Pudding is as good as her taste in Zara printed jackets. The idea of making the chocolate sponge mixture, putting it in a dish ready for baking and then pouring a combination of hot water, cocoa and sugar over the top goes somewhat against the grain.  The eldest two are on stand by with spoons and ice cream as I type, so fingers crossed that it's not a total disaster.
During the school holidays I always think that there will be so much more time to do things but I never fully understand why I should think that - and why I keep on thinking it even when I know it's not the case. The phrase "memory of a goldfish" springs to mind. There are lots of things that I want to write about but for tonight at least, I'm afraid, I am just bringing you a couple of photos of recent outfits.
Having not worn the Cos Chelsea boots for a while, I gave them an airing last week with a Cos roll neck jumper (you may remember that I was obsessed with it when I first had it but haven't worn it for a while). I also wore the Boden spotty coat which is now 11 years old and my Mulberry handbag which my husband gave me for my 40th. So that's nearly a year old now (ha, yeah right and the rest! 

If ever the occasion arrives when a more expensive gift is coming my way, I need a sign to convince me that I am making the right choice. Maybe it's just me wimping out. Perhaps in handing the decision over to fate I feel that it abrogates me of all responsibility. It was the same with this Mulberry bag. I loved it but was "umming" and "ahhing", as there were so many other lovely options. However, when I found out that the colour was Mouse grey, and given that "Mouse" is the nickname for our youngest, I decided that this was the one. I find that if I persevere hard enough, a sign eventually comes my way!

So yesterday we went to visit family. I can't remember how the idea for this outfit came to mind (see, memory of a goldfish and all that) - not that it's particularly wow or anything but there's usually a reason somewhere - even if it is just because it's close to hand. I think that I wanted to wear the wedge trainers again, this time with my slightly not so tight skinny jeans which, thanks to Easter, some of my others are.

The cream leather jacket from Oasis, cream Warehouse bag and Lola Rose scarf lightened it all up a little, which felt right given that the sun was actually shining. At one point it even felt quite warm - and for that brief moment I was quite happy to be sitting in the play area of a service station off the M40.

So, did anyone make it to the shops on Saturday and did anyone make any purchases that they would like to share with the rest of us?! It's going to be a whole 8 degrees tomorrow - let's bare all!