Monday, 1 April 2013

Mum on the Run - Loving Wrap for its linen T's, tan boots, paisley trousers and all things sequinned. A little bit Jennifer Aniston, a little bit LA - we just need sun on the side.

I know from my conversations on twitter that some of you also have husbands who think that they are comedians. Today my husband helpfully suggested that in order to make my life easier we could take away the cupboard next to the washing machine and put another washing machine in next to it so that we had two, enabling me to complete the washing in half the time. He's sooooo funny.

Each season the Wrap look book drops through my letter box. Unsuprisingly I always flick through it but for some reason this season it caught my eye and I was pleasantly surprised with what I found.

Wrap sells under-stated, largely unstructured clothes in a muted colour palette. Interest is added with the use of sequins and lace for a laid back LA look. Their linen vests and T's look great and they also have a good selection of tops with sleeves, which I know will appeal to Helen over at The Flaky Fashionista who suffers from psoriasis. Additionally their clothes start at a size 6 and many go up to a size 22, so they are good at catering for a broad market.

We all know that it's a particularly tricky time of year. Our instincts tell us that it should be warmer than it is but if we were to dress as we would hope to be dressing at this time of year, it could result in hypothermia. It should warm up soon so to start with I've looked at some lighter knits. With free p&p and returns at the moment, I'm tempted to put in an order to see where it gets me...

Being the magpie that I am, the Roxy sequin cardigan (£89) appealed to me. It also comes in a top with a Peter Pan style collar. I like wearing sequins in the day time with worn in jeans as styled here, to stop them looking too formal. The cardigan also comes in several other colours.

The Tatiana lace sweater (£89), again worn with slightly scruffy jeans, is a great way to wear lace in the daytime. I had someone contact me recently looking for a top such as this to wear at a baby shower and I can imagine it fitting the bill perfectly for that kind of occasion. It comes in a wide range of colours too.

I like the Georgie sweater (£89) for adding a block of darker colour to something which is brighter on the bottom half. For a first foray into brighter jeans or printed trousers, wearing something which is pared down and darker on the top half can make you feel more comfortable and less "out there". This jumper is navy but grey marl does exactly the same job. The jumper has an open back with a button detail on it, which is what attracted me to it.

For when it finally warms up, the  Koko sequin t-shirt (£49) is a lovely addition to your wardrobe. Available in black, white, grey slate, soft teal, soft gold and rose gold, there's a neutral colour in there for everyone. Worn with ankle length skinny jeans, wide jeans and wedges or printed trousers (see below) it's a T-shirt with interest.

All things paisley are big this season but it can be hard to wear it without feeling too conspicuous. These Paisley trousers (£59), especially in the pale aqua (these are dusty pink), which have a grey background, aren't too bright. Paired with a neutral top and shoes, they can be the focus of your outfit without screaming too loud. The reviews suggest that they come up quite short but I think that I might put them to the test just to be sure. The fabric is well received by those who have tried them and I think that they are a nice alternative to jeans or linen trousers in the summer months.

I also like the look of the Taylor slouch jeans (£99), which come in two leg lengths.  Wrap has slim leg, skinny, crop, slouch and flared jeans. I can't (yet!) vouch for their quality or fit but if you have exhausted all usual options and are looking for a new pair of jeans, trying a totally different brand can sometimes work wonders.

Prior to going into sandals or summer shoes, lightening up the colour of your boots is a good way to start making the transition towards spring clothing. As with lots of things it's totally psychological - but it's also a fab excuse for another purchase - should one be needed. These Studded suede boot (£229) aren't too high and will still work well with darker skinny jeans and casual trousers. For those with the legs for them (not me) they will also work with pretty white dresses and denim shorts, when the warmer weather finally does arrive.

So, if you're ready for a new different brand at which to take a peek for some relaxed clothes, Wrap could just be for you.