Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Mum on the Run - Not sure how to wear yellow? See if any of these pieces inspire you to give it a whirl....

For many years yellow was the much under-rated poorer cousin of all things blue or pink and to a lesser extent, green.  However the last couple of seasons have seen yellow appearing in abundance in the shops - and indeed in the new kitchen of a friend of mine in her yellow toaster, kettle, bin, coasters and so on. Fashion and interiors really do mimic one another.
I was looking around and about today at all things yellow and apart from the obvious things such as lemons, the sun, daffodils, creamy yellowy custard and Selfridges bags (!) it's also found on the side of the bags from EAT, grit boxes, signs to new housing developments and some high vis jackets. It's amazing what you find when you're looking for it!
These are the pieces that I bought for last week's event in support of Ladies Fighting Breast Cancer. There's only one piece that I haven't photographed on its own and that's the yellow cotton shirt (from H&M). Having sat in a bag over the weekend it wasn't looking at it's best - and we all know how it feels to be photographed looking a bit crumpled and not as we should be.

Again, working from the top left in a clockwise direction we have:
Zara coat - probably the best Louis Vuitton copy you will see on the High Street. Checks to perfection! Fantastic with ankle length jeans and some block heeled shoes for a nod to that 60's feel. Yellow and white make a great combination - just think of the inside of a Cadbury's creme egg;
H&M jeans - These are lovely and soft. I keep meaning to try them on but I'm not sure that yellow jeans and I would be a match made in heaven. However they would look fab with a navy or black top (there's a great linen one with three quarter sleeves in Whistles) which has got me thinking. Maybe I should give them a try....
Boden cashmere jumper - in my favourite combination of grey and yellow. Lovely with white jeans on a warmer day, or grey or dark denim on a chillier one;
NW3 top - With just a hint of yellow for those who don't want to do the full on canary look;
Zara bag - Again, great for anyone who wants to dip their toe into the yellow water without wearing it as an item of clothing. Wearing a colour some distance from your body is always a more gentle introduction to it then embracing it head on;
Whistles - grey and yellow/green sequinned jumper. This is a subtle way to wear sequins in that they are matt and the style of the jumper is very relaxed.

Tomorrow it's the turn of neutrals!