Monday, 14 January 2013

A style of dress from Whistles which suits lots of ladies - a real gem!

Yesterday I was invited to a friend's birthday afternoon tea, which was lovely and very civilised for a Sunday afternoon. Another friend was wearing the Bella style dress from Whistles - and she looked amazing in it.
I thought that it was worth writing about this particular dress because it's not often that a style of dress comes along which suits lots of ladies - however this one does.  Not only that but it is a lovely style of dress - one of those styles that you might choose to wear because you love it, rather than just because it works for your shape. It's 100% stretch silk and can be dressed up or down and worn for work, for going out in, to a wedding or with a chunky knit and ankle boots. With sleeves, a longer length in some styles and with clever ruching to define the waist and disguise the tummy, it's a style worth investigating if you are after something special.
Whistles generally do two or three Bella dresses each season in different fabrics - usually one plain, one floral and one animal print inspired. I have found that they have worked for ladies of different sizes and although they do limited runs, the company is good at helping you to locate your size if it's not available locally.
This is the bodycon version which comes in a size 6 to 16 and which costs £115.

The Bella glazed floral print dress which costs £155, is available in both a longer length 96cm (back neck to hem) and a shorter length of 92cm.

This is the Bella Abstract animal print dress which again costs £155.

I don't work on a commission basis as I think that it's important to maintain my integrity and to do the very best for my clients without any personal benefit but if there's a particular style out there which I think you should know about, I'm very happy to share it. You can quite often find this style in the sales and Grazia usually runs a discount with Whistles each season, which is honoured in the concessions too. Hope you have all had a good start to the week.