Friday, 4 January 2013

In the navy now: Loving these boots from Whistles

Recently, and I can't remember who they were (sorry), but I have had a few people ask me where they can find navy boots and navy shoes. In a way it's a little bit odd that navy footwear isn't more readily available, given that navy clothes are so easy to come by.
So, when I saw these Kir Royale Suede boots (£150) in Whistles, I knew that they would appeal to many. They are a great style, a great colour with a great heel height.  I have no doubt that in the fullness of time a Whistles voucher will appear in Grazia - so that may be worth holding out for. As to why they are called Kir Royale I have no idea. Mine never look this colour.
                                                  Kir Royale Suede Boot
As part of my research (and just to make sure that I wasn't talking utter nonsense when I said that navy footwear was hard to come by) I came across this Aleen PA court shoe from Dune (£65).


With an 8cm high heel, they may be on the high side but M&S usually has a couple of styles with a slightly lower heel. I know, I should do further research and bring you the photos of them too but I just don't have the will to navigate the M&S website tonight - it can be soul destroying at times.  Also the film "The Holiday" is on TV and I like seeing Cameron Diaz looking fantastic in pale coloured cashmere whereas, as I think I have mentioned on here before, I would just look like a lumpy marshmallow.