Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Mum on the Run - Running away from the beauty business as fast as her little legs will carry her....

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I don't usually write about beauty, largely because I am fairly sceptical about the whole beauty business and the claims that are made. With clothes you can instantly see whether they work for you or not - whether the colour and fit are right, whether they sit properly and whether they are flattering or not.
Except this Christmas I deviated from my usual thought process and lived to regret it! Although I religiously remove my make-up every evening and use moisturiser and sun screen, I'm not particularly devoted to any one brand and often use samples from magazines, alongside the odd pot of whatever is on offer and which isn't too perfumed.
So, off I headed to Selfridges to a brand whose samples I had used briefly and, after a detailed skin analysis, I invested in what I was advised to buy (it might have involved the words "anti-ageing" pah!) However only one day after using it I developed a rash. The products were duly returned,  my money refunded - which was good of them - and week's worth of samples to fix the problem obtained. 
So, where does that leave me? Am I even more sceptical than I was before - or not?  Having started down the rocky road that I was for so long eager to avoid, rather than ignoring articles and adverts about the latest creams and the miracles they work, I have now started to read them. I feel slightly ensnared and confused by the whole business and if I am honest a little bit vulnerable, which is not good.
My answer? To take back control by heading to Aldi and investing in one of their creams instead. It makes all the same claims as more expensive brands, has had rave reviews and at only £4 a pot isn't going to break the bank. I'd like to think that there was some miracle cream out there which could do wonderful things but I'm not sure that I do - or do I? See what I mean. The beauty business has got me at last.