Friday, 18 January 2013

Mum on the Run - Dashing around London in GAP and All Saints plus a little gem for you from J Crew

Yesterday saw me taking a trip to London to work with a new brand - more about that another time!
It was an early start and with snow forecast for home on my return, I needed to be practical - which is why, having taken the p*** out of Jessica Biel for not wearing any socks with her All Saints shoe boots, I did the same - except my socks were in my bag just in case I needed them! Oddly, despite the cold, my ankles weren't cold at all, which is good to know for future reference - given that I am such a wimp.
Jeans seemed the most practical option, so I wore GAP (sexy!) boyfriend jeans, which were very comfortable, Zara jumper with a silky front, French Connection scarf, Cocinelle cuff, La La Rocks bracelet, Topshop necklace and All Saints shoe boots. They were so comfortable! I traipsed around London, minus socks and there wasn't a blister in sight!

I thought that it might be helpful to show the accessories at close quarters so here they are: French Connection scarf bought in the sale.  You know the other day when I said that the All Saints shoe boots were the only thing that I bought in the sale? Well I was wrong. I usually am.  Cocinelle cuff and La La Rocks braclet - bottom left and right - and pirate lariat necklace (Topshop £12).

Had I known the necklace was called that I am not sure that I would have bought it but on closer inspection there's nothing remotely pirate like about it, which is good. I only bought the necklace on Wednesday and really like it because although it's long, due to the way that it is fixed quite high up, it's not a swinger (if you will excuse the phrase) so it doesn't get caught in the dishwasher.

Given the cold snap, and the fact that I know that there are lots of tall (and petite) ladies out there who have difficulty finding a coat to fit, I thought that I would show you this down filled Puffa Jacket from J Crew (£214.60 reduced to £166.34) which comes in both tall and petite sizings. The taller size is aimed at women 5ft 9" to 6ft and the small one is designed for women 5ft to 5ft 4" - and has a slightly lower price too.
Tall wintress puffer
I know how hard it can be to find good quality coats, especially for taller ladies so, if you are on the look out for something to keep the cold at bay, this just might be it. Happy snowballing!