Friday, 25 January 2013

Mum on the Run - The 5:2 diet approach to dressing

Tonight's post is going to be uber brief! There's a party for 24 fourteen year olds to be organised, beds for 8 to be sorted and a house to be tidied in preparation! Like all good (mother's of the) host we have read Pippa Middleton's book from cover to cover and have ensured that we have put the chilled things in the fridge so that they don't go off and that we have enough toilet roll for all of our guests.       
I haven't taken a photo in the mirror for some time now because a) it feels even more ridiculous than asking someone else to do it, which makes me feel ridiculous enough as it is and b) but it seems unfair to ask anyone else to do it it in freezing temperatures.
I had lots to do at home today  - both work and party preparations (tip from Pippa: do what you can in advance. Thanks for that Pip, I would never have thought of that) so wore my warmest Hobbs Ashdown dress (still available in a size 14) - not sure how it was classified on their site as a dress, Have you seen the length of it?!!! GAP high waisted skinny jeans - which I see are back on their website - definitely worth trying if you prefer a higher rise, Bumper boots as per yesterday and a creamy/yellow scarf from Zara which picks out the gold in the jumper (dress).
Frankly, during the last week I have paid very little attention to what I have put on in the mornings. As long as it has been clean and warm - actually scrap the clean bit - warm, warm or warm, that has been fine. Although given that I have been running to school pulling the smallest one on a sledge, I have frequently arrived disgustingly hot and sweaty.
I can hear the rain. Thank heavens for that. Perhaps the snow is about to go - which means a whole new load of wardrobe opportunities opening up to me. On some fronts that's quite exciting but on the other hand I've quite enjoyed this week's approach to dressing. Which gives me an idea - I could implement the 5:2 diet but to clothes. Five days I make an effort, two days I don't. Or the other way around. Now there's a thought.  

PS I love Pip really and would very much like to have her bottom.