Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Mum on the Run - An alternative to the Acne pistol boot? Thanks to All Saints, possibly.

Both the Acne Pistol (left) and the Acne Star (right) have been a popular choice of boot for A-listers and yummy mummies in recent seasons. An ankle boot with a chunky heel, they are both practical and stylish - but with a bit of a hefty price tag.
                               ACNE - 'Pistol short' bootACNE - 'Star' ankle boot

When I was in town yesterday doing some "research" I came across some boots in All Saints.  Lower than the pistol boot both in terms of ankle height, heel height (and price!) I thought that they would be really a practical addition to my wardrobe.

It would appear from today's Grazia that Jessica Biel has been paying All Saints a visit too. Although if she paid the full price for her boots she was diddled!

I decided to go for the tarnished gold version, rather than the black. Obviously the flash on the camera makes them look much shinier than they are but I liked the tarnished look for a change. They will take on the colour of whatever it is that I am wearing, making them super versatile.

This is them from the side. I am planning on wearing them with skirts and dresses too but if they don't work as I hope, given that I practically live in trousers they will still get plenty of wear. I don't have a dog to take with me when wearing mine but I'm sure that a small child will be a good substitute.

For anyone hunting for a pair, here are the details. I know that both the All Saints store and Selfridges in Birmingham still have some (in black too) and they come up pretty true to size. Reduced to £87.50 from £175, they counted as a proper saving in my eyes.

Unless I am mistaken, these have been my only sale purchase.  As I said at the start of the sales, I like to wait to the end as that's when the real bargains are to be found. I really hope that the end of the sales result in some great savings for you all too.