Thursday, 3 January 2013

The first of the season's trends - will you or won't you?

If someone said "I've had a brilliant idea. I'm going to design a handbag made of plastic, which is see through and which costs a couple of thousand pounds," I'm not sure that many of us would say "Yeah! Fantastic! You're right, it is a brilliant idea and why didn't I think of it earlier?"
Except that's exactly what Burberry has done with their Blaze bag. I wouldn't mind betting that it will be a great hit, that is until those long lenses zoom in on what the A-listers are carrying and the contents of their bags appear in OK and Hello.
Oh and as for the muggers, these bags must be a dream come true. Not only does the bag have a tidy value in its own right but it's abundantly clear to see where the purse and car keys are positioned within it.  Excellent.

Burberry Blaze Bags

I'm not convinced that most women would want to flash the contents of their bag to the world. Oat cake crumbs, a half eaten packet of almonds, nerf gun foam bullets and crumpled up receipts anyone? How delightful!

For me the biggest irony of all is that the bag that this one most closely resembles is the Chloe
Paddington which was best known for its huge padlock.

I predict a whole underground movement of people with their Blaze bags on view but with a sneakily concealed bag elsewhere on their person with the "real contents" of their bag in it. So if you see anyone carrying one of these bags but with odd protrusions elsewhere about their person, I wouldn't mind betting that it will be that sneakily hidden "real" bag - quite possibly one from Sainsbury's or Waitrose, which cost precisely nothing.

I know that it doesn't sound very generous of spirit but I can't wait to do a bit of A-lister spotting when it comes to this little gem!