Thursday, 31 January 2013

If I could buy three things...

There I was at my ice-skating lesson, barely off the barrier and requiring support on each side when a thought struck me. I looked at the Russian coach who has competed in the world championships four times and thought to myself "Is this really how you planned your life? Did you really think that you would be spending your time holding up some totally hopeless person who can't even stand on the ice and who, on a scale of 1 to 10, is a -64?" Funny how life turns out isn't it? Anyway, enough deep and meaningful thoughts for the day, let's move on to clothes...

A few of the shops have their new collections in and for those who don't, the sale stock should be on its way out now.

Out of the new collections I have seen so far, these are three of my favourite pieces:

Orchid print pencil skirt from Ted Baker (£109). It's so pretty and such a lovely contrast to the dark pieces of the winter collections. It just needs that sweatshirt top and those heels and I'll be done (well, apart from the fact that it will never be mine because it's so expensive but that aside...) and anyhow I'm sure that there will be a cheaper alternative out there soon.

Then there's the Whistles ophelia sequin stripe knit (£110). In the flesh the sequins are a much brighter yellow.  I am currently loving the grey/yellow combo and if it were mine, which again it won't be but I'm not complaining, it would do a great job of lifting some of my darker pieces. 

And finally there's the Whistles Mattie intarsia knit sweater (£95) again, grey and yellow, I know and to some not particularly wowzer but I would be happy if it snuck itself into my wardrobe and hid amongst the slightly tired, slightly bobbly (I nearly wrote "boobly" but that's for another post) jumpers until one day, when it was slightly warmer, it jumped out at me and said "wear me, wear me."

Yes, these pieces would definitely get me on my way - well these and the coral blouse and taupe and coral printed trousers that I also have my eye on in Cos. Oh, and the grey and white top in Hollister (yes, I was dragged in their again today - fortunately it wasn't quite so noisy or so stinky) and a new dress by a brand I was introduced to at an event this evening - Cecily - hence the late post. But that will all have to wait until another day.