Friday, 11 January 2013

Off for a day in the shops in a little Hobbs, Reiss, Jaeger Boutique, Zara and LK Bennett - and all bought in the sales

Yesterday I hit the stores to do some shopping in preparation for an event at a set of Barrister's Chambers tomorrow. As well as being on the look out for pieces which do a particular job style wise - whether because they are perfect for a particular body shape, because they are a great basic, because they are versatile, a great accessory or representative of new trends - I was also on the look out for bargains!
For some of the pieces that I was after, Hobbs was the best option by far. Some pieces had up to 70% off, they had a good range of sizes and they hadn't just recycled the things that hadn't sold in the summer. From Hobbs perspective it wasn't so great but it was good for me - and possibly for the ladies tomorrow. I will try and bring you some pictures of some of the pieces, depending on their "hanger presence".
Jaeger Boutique, Whistles and Ted Baker also had some great reductions, as did Aubin & Wills - although the brand will cease to exist soon so it may be worth checking it out sooner rather than later.  
I always need to be really practical and comfortable when I shop as I end up walking so far and carrying so much. So, I wore skinny Hobbs jeans, Reiss navy pea coat, Zara boots, LK Bennett cross body bag and neon pink Jaeger scarf for a pop of colour.  I bought the Hobbs jeans just before Christmas and have had to persevere with them as initially they weren't that comfortable but they have been worth the effort.

Today I was doing shopping of a different kind. Although I have recently had some amazing party invitations - in particular to one at which Mark Wright and Arg from TOWIE will be present (!) I was shopping for our now 5 year old's birthday party. It was really embarrassing and, as I was unpacking the contents of my trolley on to the converyor belt, I felt like saying to everyone that I don't normally buy ten tonnes of jammy dodgers, ice cream, party rings, chocolate fingers, hula hoops and fruit shoots (plus one bag of carrots) for our weekend's food consumption. Well, not every weekend anyway.

Sale buys that I am wearing!

Zara boots - summe sale, Hobbs jeans - just before Christmas, Reiss pea coat - 2 years ago, LK Bennett bag - Bicester a few years ago, Jaeger scarf - in store now!