Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Fancy trying this little trend? You can do so here for £6.99

I'm loving this new trend of two tone trousers. It's time that something came along to give skinnies a a run for their money! They're not so far "out there" that you couldn't wear them out and about without feeling a numpty. OK, so maybe not in the snow but definitely when it warms up.

I'd had my eye on them for a while when they made an appearance in this week's Grazia...

...and then today when I was doing some research, I came across these Gap two tone trousers which are in the sale for £6.99. Will they be added to my shopping basket soon? For that price you bet they will! See above for ideas on how to style them - heels and a silk shirt - or a sweatshirt. See, now I have another reason to buy a sweatshirt!

Like I need another reason? Yeah right!