Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Mum on the Run - Another outfit for the school runway - and a little rant about Hollister

I don't know what happens when I walk into Hollister but there are definitely some physiological changes which take place as a result of which I turn into a petulant teenager. I last wrote about Hollister  here  and nothing has changed much since then. I should add that I wasn't really in there through choice but to try and get a skirt for the eldest. Although they didn't have the skirt, I did come away with a t-shirt - so it wasn't all bad.

It's not so much being greeted by a "dude" in shorts and flip-flops, or the fact that he asks me whether I am having a great day. In Birmingham in the cold and rain? Oh yes, it's postively LA. It's the smell. I have no idea why they have to pump the place full of body spray or why the staff have to spray bottles of body spray, with body spray - but they do. It's also the fact that it's so loud that it makes my head hurt and that it's so dark I can't actually see anything. Anyway, it obviously works for them but it brings out the worst in me. Sorry Hollister.

Now that Easy Living have selected the outfit for the School Runway feature in the March edition of the Magazine, I can show you one or two others. Each winner of the school runway compeition had to submit four (I think) outfits and the magazine chose one.

The outfits had to be bright - hence the bright pink coat. I also wore Jigsaw trousers, Rockport shoes and a Marc Jacobs bag...

...together with a New Look denim shirt, Mango scarf, Hobbs necklace

...and gloves from Miss Selfridge - which I will be the first to admit are slightly ridiculous but very warm.

I'll post another outfit tomorrow, that is unless I've burst a blood vessel due to excessive ranting!